When a group or individual, family or any potential guests, submit an email, to us, at Schoene Aussicht, requesting specific dates for accomodation, we take that as a legally binding contract. The Austrian law states that until a payment has been made to us that we have no obligation to provide the request, and also that the guest has the right to cancel up to 3 months before the commencement of the booking. If the guest has requested a booking and then cancels that request after the 3 month period, prior to booking, then a payment must be made, up to 90 % of the total amount based on the request that was submitted. This is allocated as such, that if the booking is cancelled up to 1 week before the booking commences, then 90% of the total must be paid. IF the booking is cancelled 1 week or more before the commencement date , then 70 % of the total price must be paid. If the booking is cancelled 1 month before , then 40 % of the total amount must be paid. These conditions are clearly laid out in the WKO general terms and conditions for the hotel industry in Austria .

As we receive many military groups, who don't receive funding up to 9 weeks before departure for their event, we have a policy of letting the groups pay on arrival, however, to protect our business against misconduct, failures by units to obtain funding and other reasons outside our control, we have to clearly state, that the original email, is proof of booking and that this stands us in a secure position to make a confirmation for bookings for the future.We are always happy to clarify and clearly state our position as a business concern, that if you make a request for accomodation and we have allocated that accomodation to you, then we can not take other bookings for the same period. This results in a loss of income and costs which you must pay, as stated by the WKO in Austria. Thank you and we look forward to your visit.

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